Release 1.4

aktualisiert 21/7/23 von Robert Galetzka

Package Studio, it's finally here! Creation of extraction packages is now easier and more powerful than ever!

New features

The new edition "Content Suite Plus" of dab:neXus adds the Package Studio to its existing set of features.

Package Studio

You can define which tables with which fields should be extracted on top of it you can define various filters to reduce the data is extracted to the ones you are really interested in. And if that's is not enough we have enhanced dependencies known from dab:Exporter and call them now Repositories


Instead of 1-to-1 dependencies, you can know define the input feed from several tables. This allows to greatly reduce the number of data that is extracted where filters are not applicable, lean and clean packages and an overall better experience.

Initial and Delta

Creating delta packages was always a bit of a challenge. We made it easier by allowing you to define on how tables are extracted by changing the settings in initial and delta mode. That helps to define real delta packages and can speed up your extraction in scheduled extractions.

New User Role

User that should be able to access the Package Studio need now the new role "Package Editor".

UI of editor in Package Studio

UI of editor in Package Studio

Technical changes

  • Removed "Extraction Packages" from settings due to Content Suite Plus (Update will remove your uploaded packages).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with multi insert for parameters
  • Resolved issues with display and calculation of times zones in scheduler
  • Fixed an issue where salt was not created when a analytic task with active privacy protection was cloned

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