Release Notes 1.3

aktualisiert 20/4/23 von Robert Galetzka

Time for some QoL changes and it´s the final countdown! With 1.3 we path the way for 1.4 which will introduce the Package Studio. We are more than excited!

New features:

Data Strategy Deltas

In preparation for future delta capabilities there is now a new strategy for it. Once selected it will use the delta package (if its available) of an extraction package to extract the delta.

Well Known Filters

Predefined filter values are back, so well known makes sense. That new filter typ will ease your selection of parameter values for:

  • Company code
  • Plant
  • Purchase organization
  • Sales organization
  • Language

Company Code selection view


Technical changes:

  • You can now add parameters via copy and paste and they are automatically split whenever they are separated by comma, semicolon or tab. They are also separated when they are line by line.
  • Installer layout rework
  • SAP System Name can be changed now
  • Better logging for better support

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed wrong timestamps in log
  • Fixed issue with Content Suite package upload corrupts the package
  • Fixed Minor UI and layout issues

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